Traveling Gavel Rules:

     -Minimum of 5 brothers needed to take the gavel – At least 1 must be the WM, SW or JW.

     -In the event of a tie

         -The Lodge that travels the greatest distance wins (see chart, distances chosen “door-to-door” for each Lodge.

     -Brothers that are dual members are only counted once. If you are an officer, that is the Lodge you are listed with.

         i.e. RW Hank Fratz is a member of Mt. Moriah #28, but he is Treasurer for Maple Shade-Moorestown Lodge #281

         i.e. WB Scott Daily is a member of Beverly-Riverside Lodge #107, but he is Treasurer for Mt. Moriah Lodge #28

     -The DDGM does not count toward any Lodges total.

     -The gavel can be taken at Stated as well as Emergent Meetings.

    -Points are amassed by the number of meetings you hold the gavel.  Central Lodge starts off with 1 point.

      The Lodge at the end of the year with the most points, will have their name and year engraved in the gavel.

      The following are 19th District Stated Meeting days. Emergent meetings vary. (Refer to the District Calendar).

              Medford Lodge #178  –  2nd Monday

              Burlington Lodge #32  –  2nd Tuesday

              Mount Moriah Lodge #28  –  2nd Wednesday  and 4th Wednesday

              Mount Holly Lodge #14  – 3rd  Monday

              Maple Shade-Moorestown Lodge #281  –  3rd Tuesday

              Central Lodge #44  –  3rd Wednesday

              Beverly-Riverside Lodge #107 –  3rd Thursday

     When the Gavel is “Captured” the Capturing Lodge has ONE DAY to email me (copy RW Steve Martin) that they captured it.

      Advising me how many members were present  to Capture it and which of the TOP 3 were present.  Pictures work nicely.

      The Worshipful Master of the surrendering Lodge must send me a total of each Lodge present.

      Any questions, please ask.